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About Us

About Us


One of the meanings of the word ‘Nexus’ is a group of people with the same goal in mind. It is a perfect description of our school.  We are all committed to the same goal, helping you achieve your best and reach your full potential.

The Master of Nexus, Soke Brad Seymour has trained in various styles of Marital Arts including Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, Hapkido, Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA.  Nexus is the combination of the skills from these varied styles which creates a unique and dominant style of modern Martial Arts with international recognition and accreditation. We have one of the largest professional full time Martial Arts schools in the region with seven qualified Instructors utilising the most innovative teaching methodology combined with contemporary training equipment.

Traditional martial arts have a rich and beautiful heritage but were developed thousands of years ago, and for cultures long gone. While they definitely have their place as sports, they no longer cater effectively to the self defence requirements of the modern multicultural society we find ourselves in.

At Nexus Combined Martial Arts we believe that it is important for every child and family to grow healthy in self-confidence and learn self-protection skills. Martial Arts is a great way to help our children learn the valuable life skills of determination and dedication.  Our training will instil confidence, and improve focus, increase teamwork skills as well as improving physical fitness. We aim to instil in all students a respect for the skills they are learning, and we give them a commitment to help them achieve their personal best.

There is a common misconception that Martial Arts just teaches punching and kicking…whilst these skills are a part of our Martial Arts program, the reality is that Martial Arts teaches our children how to peacefully deal with situations and to avoid physical confrontations altogether unless absolutely necessary for self-defence.  At Nexus we teach our students the quickest and most effective ways to deal with bullies and how to avoid potentially volatile situations using situational awareness and conflict resolution skills.  By helping our kids to develop confidence and self-respect we are helping them to be more resilient and self-assured and this effectively helps them to avoid being an ‘easy target’.   Martial Arts is also a great way to teach children self-control, respect for authority, good listening skills and empathy for others…. qualities which we believe are imperative for our younger generation.

At Nexus Combined Martial Arts we offer:

  • Free Trial Class for new students.
  • Age specific classes from Age 3 to Adults.
  • Affordable packages to suit any budget and family discounts.
  • Fully Certified Instructors
  • Modern Training Facility combined with contemporary training equipment

We are proud members of Martial Arts Australia.

For more information or to book your free trial class please contact the Dojo on 40383348.


Our Instructors

Brad Seymour

Brad Seymour

Head Instructor (Soke)

Brad Seymour, our multi skilled Head Instructor combines the best of a multi-tude of Martial Arts to present truly effective techniques to give you real street confidence.