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Nexus Combined Martial Arts brings martial arts training to the modern era, whilst still maintaining the core values such as Respect, Honour, Integrity, Empathy and Self Control.

We aim to instil in all students a respect for themselves and the skills they are learning, we are committed to helping them achieve their personal best.
Brad Seymour

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Nexus Combined Martial Arts offers a state of the art training facility with qualified instructors

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Brad Seymour

Brad Seymour

Head Instructor (Soke)

Brad Seymour, our multi skilled Head Instructor combines the best of a multi-tude of Martial Arts to present truly effective techniques to give you real street confidence.

Member and Parent Testimonials

what people say about us

Nexus has been a wonderful confidence booster for my boys. Their respect, stamina and determination have increased, and there are amazing fitness benefits. The boys feel very much a part of the friendly Nexus team who are an amazing and encouraging group of people.

Angie Boswell

Nexus has been a game changer for our daughter Elise. When she started she was so shy she would keep her head down and would speak in a whisper, no eye contact at all. Nexus has empowered her to have the confidence to hold her head up, speak with assertiveness and communicate with those around her. The biggest thing you can do for your child is enable them to handle every situation that they could experience in life and Nexus does exactly that.

Lesley Van Staveren

Impressed with the great way they work with the kids – and the staff are equally good with the parents. Good communication

Davo Down

Amazing school! Wonderful staff! Both my girls love their training and their self confidence has just grown so much along with their respect for others! Would highly recommend Nexus to anyone thinking of joining martial arts!

Kira Theron

Such a great way with all the kids, my two boys have come on heaps thanks to the discipline and confidence Nexus provides instilling lessons for life that most of us can’t give our kids. I just need to talk myself in to signing up!! Thanks team

Andy Bishop

My daughter loves it. Lovely staff and great for their conference.

Saskia Bromm

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